IMPS Transaction Platform

IMPS Switch is a customized EFT switch to process IMPS – Immediate Payment Services existing in Indian payment systems. The solution is 100% compliant to message, security and processing protocol to NPCI’s IMPS service. Few weeks are more than enough to implement the solution in complex banking or non-banking financial environment due to our innovative yet simple design.

Key features

IMPS Switch has highly demarcated yet well integrated modules to handle various business scenarios. Each module has well-defined APIs to integrate with other modules and with outside entities as well. It consists of

  • Core Switch that routes and processes IMPS transactions on ISO 8583 protocol
  • Channel Integrator that handles various transaction origin channels and points.
  • Host Connector that integrates all sorts of back-end banking applications such as Core Banking Solution – CBS, distributed branch banking solutions – TBS, pre-paid card hosts, Micro banking solutions, message queues, simple database etc.
  • Alerter that sends out alert to end customers by SMS, eMail etc.
  • Reporter – that provides many reports on transactions and helps dispute management as well.