e-KYC Server

eKYC Middleware

eKYC is a gateway service for customers to make use of Adhaar based identification and authentication service offered by UIDAI. The solution is for user agencies that provide given service to their customers. Olive eKYC is of two types and they are

  • eKYC – KSA is for service agency that connects to UIDAI repository and provide service to KUA – user agency.
  • eKYC – KUA is for service that deal with end customers and request for service through KSA

The gateway has flexible and well-defined API insulating complexities of UIDAI protocol requirements and enabling customers to integrate their applications with eKYC by concentrating on their business requirement.

The gateway provides the following services broadly but not limited

  • OTP generation request
  • BFD – Best finger identification.
  • eKYC identification and authentication with biometric such as finger print, Iris and OTP or both.
  • Demographic verification using biometric and or OTP.